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AngioLab is a bio-venture company which has developed a medicine with angiogenesis inhibitors for treating angiogenesis-related diseases.

AngioLab has various angiogenesis inhibitors with domestic and overseas patents related to angiogenesis. Angiogenesis rarely occurs in a normal case, and occurs for a moment when needed and disappears soon. However, there are some diseases such as cancer, wet AMD, diabetic retinopathy, arthritis, psoriasis, and endometriosis which would cause continuous angiogenesis and a worsening of the disease. Like cancer, adipose tissue also depends on angiogenesis for the growth of fat tissue.

AngioLab has developed a botanical drug, ALS-L1023 which has an inhibitory effect on angiogenesis. With angiogenesis inhibitors, AngioLab has conducted multiple clinical trials on various angiogenesis-related diseases, such as abdominal obesity, wet AMD, NASH, and etc. to verify its efficacy and safety.

Furthermore, AngioLab has developed angiogenesis inhibitor product of ‘lemon balm extract mixed powder’ called Ob-X as a specific health functional food with health claims approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Ob-X products are available in overseas markets as well as domestic markets.

AngioLab will do its best to provide a disease-free and healthy life to its customers through the development of medicine for the various refractory diseases degrading one’s quality of life.

Thank you for your support and interest in AngioLab.


Min-Young Kim