Core technologies

01Angiogenesis candidate discovery technology

  • Angiogenesis inhibitory activity assay

  • Angiogenesis stimulating activity assay

  • Various in vitro and in vivo assay systems

  • Numerous angiogenesis-dependent animal disease models

02Botanical drug development technology

  • Screening of natural functional materials

  • Analysis and evaluation of the active ingredients of botanical drugs

  • Verification of safety and efficacy

  • Identification of MOA and pharmacological action

03Antibody drug development technology

  • Establish human naïve scFv Library and Nanobody Library

  • Establish animal cell expression system

04Plenty of clinical trial experiences

  • Experiences in drug development and clinical trials for various angiogenesis-related diseases

  • Completed phase 2 clinical trial for abdominal obesity drug and got approval for the phase 3 IND

  • Got approval for phase 2 clinical trials and are now conducting the clinical trials

  • Got approval for specific health functional food, with health claim of visceral fat reduction

05Domestic and overseas patents

  • Holds 60 domestic and overseas patents for angiogenesis inhibitors

  • Possess various angiogenesis inhibitors such as botanical drugs, protein and single compounds

  • File the subsequent patents based on company's evergreening strategy